10 years of spaces.

The idea was to create something that didn’t really exist yet. We got inspired when one of us was working in a nice place along the canals. There was a good vibe and people were constantly asking whether they could rent a desk or stay for lunch. From that came the idea that work could be a lot more fun, efficient, inspiring and productive when you share it with likeminded others. And that was the start of Spaces. Spaces was founded in 2008 from a need to work in a place that is stimulating, inspiring and fun.

A place to work, meet and connect with likeminded others. Our locations are designed around a social heart and we cherish our community of creators and thinkers. Spaces offers both a functional and inviting interior, with high end design furniture, custom-build work solutions and a warm colour palette. We believe that our beautiful workspaces support and stimulate flexibility and interaction by creating new ways to work and collaborate.

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See: Power of 10.

We believe that our beautiful workspaces support and stimulate flexibility and interaction by creating new ways to work and collaborate. We love to share our distinct choice for art. From these artworks, we take inspiration which stimulates new ways of thinking, boosts creativity and helps clear the mind. Spaces launched an Open Call to upcoming visual artists from (or residing in) the Netherlands.

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Visit: The Art of Work.

Spaces and Homerun are joining forces by turning The Art of Work (Homerun’s online platform) into an event series with all aspects of work brought together. Expect best practices, expert talks and tons of other inspiration on how to attract the right talent, employee happiness, company culture and other latest trends in of work. First edition was about Employer Branding. Second edition to follow.

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Dance: Spaces x ADE.

Spaces is one of Amsterdam’s leaders in coworking and reimagining work. With over five locations having opened downtown across the past decade, Spaces is found all across the city. Today, with over 150 locations in over 35 countries, the Amsterdam-native is active all around the globe.  This October, after a decade of hard work and dedication, Spaces celebrates its tenth anniversary. For this special occasion, Spaces is proud to officially announce its partnership with ADE, the world’s leading platform for the electronic music industry.

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PechaKucha X ADE X Spaces.

In collaboration with Golfstromen, we will organize a special ADE edition of the 20X20 concept of PechaKucha, on October 17th at Spaces Amstel. Different speakers from, among other things, the dance industry share their inspiring stories through 20 slides for 20 seconds. It’s the perfect concept to engage the community of Spaces with the innovative stories of the ADE visitors and members.


The Art of Work: Employer Branding

The stronger your Employer Brand, the easier to attract the right talent. The good news; every company has an Employer Brand. It’s just about finding out what makes your team tick. During this interactive event we were joined by the founders of leading creative companies and hiring experts who will share their best practices, experiences and do’s and dont’s.

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Power of Ten Art Collection

Spaces launched an Open Call to upcoming visual artists from (or residing in) the Netherlands to create a special anniversary art collection: Power of 10. This collection of 10 artworks by 10 different artists, The Power of 10 Collection will be spread over 10 key cities all over the world, including Amsterdam. On October 12th we will present the works of these talented artists at Spaces Herengracht, Amsterdam.




Spaces has been a proud host to many PechaKucha events hosted by Golfstromen in the Netherlands. This time in collaboration with Amsterdam Dance Event, we will organise a special edition about dance music. PechaKucha(ぺちゃくちゃ) is an international concept founded in Japan in 2003 about sharing thoughts and ideas, in 20 slides with 20 seconds per slide for people in the creative industry.

Amsterdam Dance Event

Amsterdam Dance Event turns the city into the world’s biggest dance venue for one week a year. With DJs playing every city square and club by night and business conferences taking over by day, it offers the ultimate annual business and inspiration platform in the field of electronic music. With over 395.000 visitors from over 90 countries, 2.500 artists performing at 140 venues and the conference welcoming 550 speakers and 7.200 industry representatives, their business card has international written all over it; just like Spaces’, making this collaboration a perfect match.


Spaces and Homerun are joining forces to bring the best of all aspects of work together. Homerun aims at making people happier at work by enabling companies to attract the best talents. Spaces is a pioneer in the modern ways of working with 10 years of experience in facilitating the success of others. This collaboration is a natural fit and will bring the best of the work experience together as we take a deep dive into The Art of Work.



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